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At Shoppsterz, we believe in not paying retail ever again.

When we started into e-commerce, we partnered Amazon like everyone else. Like so many retailer we experienced a hostile environment. Amazon is so filled with scammer honest sellers like us would often get hit by their algorithm and suspended, without any warning or conversation. No number of attempts to reach out to Amazon will result in a conversation with a representative to resolve the issue. You are just dead in the water trying to pay your bills, while you are unable to operate your business. 

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When we got hit with our random suspension, did our due diligence and reached out to our “partner”, to try and resolve the issue. This is when we found out that it was impossible to get a person on the phone or a response to an email from our partner. This experience was a major eye opener for us. We realized that as sellers on their platform we were less than people. We were clearly just another number to them, one of a million sellers on their platform. There wasn’t a real community or partnership with our “partner”. After months of complete silence, we finally acknowledge that it might be time for us to move on and do our own thing.

We failed.

Which lead us to our new home here. We needed a place where we could create the our own community. A place where we could collaborate as sellers and buyers, and create a win win situation for both sides. 

So after brainstorming what we could do without the biggest e-commerce company in the world, we decided that group buying was the way to go. Since then we've been negotiating with manufactures and wholesalers to get the best deals possible for our members.

Our passion is being entrepreneurs and creators. Our goal is to fuel your passion and create the best experience for you as our members.  We don’t want you as just customers, we want you to join us as members and help us create that experience with you. Our brand is everyday low prices while still helping manufactures pay their bills. 

We don't only want to provide our community with just the essential, but also with the things that fuels their passion is life. Tell us about your hobbies, and your interest. What are you doing when you feel like you are living life to the fullest? what was your greatest adventure? What inspires you?

Our brand started off with products that were carefully crafted and chosen based on our passions and how we live our lives to the fullest. We are hoping that you will engage with us, we read every email so that our products can help you follow your passion and live your life to the fullest.

 If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or just want to chat please send us an email at info@Shoppsters.com 😊

Although we get a lot of messages a day, we reply to everyone. We are dedicated to making sure no one else shares the experience we did, of cold, unyielding silence. You are a person and we would love to get to know all of our members from all over the world.



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