Beard Grooming Kit|Oil,Brush,and Wax

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 This gift set contains all the fundamental items a beardsman needs to groom, style & maintain his facial hair.

Every apprentice beardsman should have certain fundamental items as he takes the first, bold steps towards becoming a master beardsman. Our Starter Grooming Kit provides him with these items, ensuring that he commences his journey with confidence.

1. A complete set of care tools that give your beard comprehensive care, and you can more easily shape the beard you want.
2. Beard oil and beard wax can make the beard more smooth improve the dryness of the beard.
3. Beard brush and beard comb can better care for the beard and create your favorite beard shape.

4. With this beard care kit, you can make your beard more supple, docile, and let you control your beard better.
5. This product comes with a small sack for easy placement of these beard care products, which you can easily carry while traveling.

Package included:
1 x Beard Oil
1 x Beard Wax
1 x Beard Brush
1 x Bread Comb
1 x Cloth Bag

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