Deluxe Bundle

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Take your loved ones to the future!

The Deluxe Bundle includes:

  • two Sonic Toothbrushes by HiBrush
  • one spare mouth tray extra (2 in total)
  • two bottles of “Bleach´n Clean” toothpaste

Share it with your partner, or keep it for yourself!
In both cases, the Deluxe Bundle is the perfect solution.

Besides our pioneering Sonic Toothbrush, you will get two mouth trays. Ideal for sharing or as a replacement. You decide. Also, don’t forget: You will need to change the mouth tray after some time, while the fuselage will function much longer.

We highly recommend to use our “Bleach´n Clean” toothfoam when using HiBrush. It has been customized to support the cleaning and especially the whitening effect of the brush. The two bottles provided in the Deluxe Bundle will last for a long time!

Needless to say, the wireless charging station is also included.

The Deluxe Bundle is perfect:

  • for couples
  • for families