Snore Stop Belt Anti Snoring Cpap Chin Strap Sleep Apnea Jaw Solution

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 1 Anti Snoring Chin Strap Stop Snoring Belt Anti Snore Chin Jaw To Sleep Supporter Apnea Belt For Woman or Man Care Sleeping Tools

Simple and effective open mouth Snoring Solution 

*Bottom Chin Support Measurements: 3" inches Wide
*Very soft and Comfortable The Most Comfortable snore belt you will ever wear 
*Strap is 3" wide X 4 1/4" long for extra strength holding power to stay together through out night..
*Strap is 29" inches long and can be stretched to fit 30" in circumference 

Prevents ~ Snoring, Sleep Apnea, Bruxism, TMJ Pain 
Brand New High Quality 
Material:  90% Polyester & 10% Spandex
Made with High Quality, Breathable Neoprene, Latex Free, Non Allergic Natural Solution. 
One size fits most---easy to wear Approx 24" to 30"
Unique design 
It provides you with a comfortable, effective and the easiest way to stop snoring or treat positional sleep apnea. 
It helps you and your partner to have a better sleep every night and wake up feeling refreshed instead of fatigued.

This product is made of 90% Polyester & 10% Spandex for your comfort. The strap at the top of the head allows for a one size fits Most design. Please see the image above for an explanation of how this Chin Strap works. For many, proper jaw support during sleep will allow for a Good nights sleep! 
Package includes: 
1 x Stop Snoring Belt